The design of our timepieces was inspired by a trip to Sweden and the port city of Malmo at the southern tip of the Scandinavian country. We took influence both from the rugged industrial architecture, giving our watch a quality weight and strength, and the minimalist simplicity of the modern structures that have begun to reshape the city.

To bring our first watch, the Traveller edition, to life, we turned to Kickstarter. Thanks to 126 awesome backers, we succeeded in raising the necessary funding and delivered upon our promise. You can find a list of those awesome backers below, for whom we will forever be grateful to.

André Malmberg, Automators, Gareth, Michael Mason, Jon G, Marie Pohl, Talal Khaled AlMuslemani, Kit Leavesley, Onno de Potter, Sameer Khedkar, Stephen J. Usher, Victor Siakhasone, Tim Eriksson N, Mark Butler, Martin Lechner, Erik Andersson, Ross Frederick Mogridge, kj.n, Cyrus Aurum, Lukas Müller, Malcolm Morris, Kevin Winter, Paul Marshall, Yoni Zanzouri, Rocco Puntillo, Marcus Hektor, Agnes Tang, David Waddell, Michael Schütze, GJ Andrews, NiVaZa, Ryan Siew, Andrew H., Patrick O'Reilly, Toby S-S, Edward Vulpes, Remy Blok, Thomas Crenn.